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Developer User:blargdag
Theme Other
Status pre-alpha
Released no releases yet
Updated 2020-10-24
Licensing Open Source (GPL 2.0)
P. Language D
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Tetraworld

Tetraworld is a Roguelike game set in a world where space has 4 dimensions instead of the usual 2 or 3 of the common roguelikes.


In Tetraworld, you start off as a new recruit hired by the Tetraworld Corp. to be a 4D treasure hunter. They provide your initial training in moving around in 4D space, and then send you off on missions to retrieve "gold ore". Not all is as it seems, however, and pretty soon, you will find yourself in a bind and will have to survive in a hostile land in the exotic geometry of 4D space.



  • Full freedom of movement in 4D (8 perpendicular cardinal directions). All 4 dimensions are treated equivalently as far as movement and adjacency are concerned. This applies both to map connectivity and enemy movement/attack directions.
  • Gravity. One of the axes of space is considered up/down; you will fall down unless a floor is blocking you, or if you are swimming, or if you're suspended by something. As a result, rooms have floors that span a 3D hyper-area. You can be attacked from 6 perpendicular horizontal directions at once, plus the vertical direction if there are flying enemies.
  • Water: when swimming in water, gravity is not active, and "true" 4D movement in all 8 directions is available. You can be surrounded by 8 enemies at a time.
  • Map topology: map is guaranteed to be fully connected, meaning you can always get to anywhere in the map from anywhere else, even if you fell down through a pit or hole. So you'll never get stuck with no way out. (But no guarantee you won't get completely lost in 4D space, though!)
  • Climb-ledge combo move: a 1-tile high ledge can be climbed on in a combo move that costs 1.5 turns.


  • Pit traps, falling rock traps.
  • Not combat centric. In fact you don't even start with any weapons or armor; you have to find makeshift objects for it. Combat is deadly; it's generally wiser to avoid than to engage.
  • Turn-based.
  • Perma-death.

Current status

Pre-alpha. Only a small subset of planned mechanics are available. However, the game is already winnable (albeit with difficulty, due to the 4D geometry and the unbalanced difficulty and size of the current last level).

Versions and platforms

No official release yet. Pre-alpha builds and source code are available on the website. Supported platforms are Linux and Windows (64-bit).