Aquarium Arena

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Aquarium Arena
Alpha Project
Developer valrak
Theme Underwater
Released 2016
Updated 2016 Sep 30 (0.4)
Licensing GPL, Open Source, Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 15 minutes
Official site of Aquarium Arena

Aquarium Arena is a coffeebreak roguelike

Aquarium Arena is a traditional roguelike game about underwater combat in 'sidescroller' perspective.

The player is a diver thrown into mermen built arena to entertain crowds. If he survives 10 levels, the mermen will free him. More the merfolk are entertained, more items are thrown in the arena. These include weapons and tools and also golden items, which gain more bonus points at the end of level. However, if you have lot of items, you will be too heavy and sink down.

Each level of the arena has monster kill limit. When this is fulfilled, portal to next level appears. When the gate is activated, merfolk don't throws items to arena, but more monsters appears, creating more tension on the player.

Diver has in disposal powerful harpoons - reusable ranged weaponry which, after firing, falls to the ground and must be collected again. Harpoons are not thrown into arena normally, however more can be obtained by special vouchers selectable as leveling reward.

Currently in alpha version, winnable to the end.


  • 32x32 tiles
  • sidescroller underwater environment
  • randomly generated arena levels
  • combo system