Armoured Commander II

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Armoured Commander II
Alpha Project
Developer Gregory Adam Scott (Rev. Sudasana
Theme Historical
Influences Advanced Squad Leader
Released April 17, 2018 (Alpha 1)
Updated March 14, 2020 (1.0.4)
Licensing GPL
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Long, with shorter battles and campaign days
Official site of Armoured Commander II

A sequel to 2017's Armoured Commander, in this roguelike you command a tank in World War II. Current campaigns include German, Polish, and Russian forces in 1939, and American and Canadian forces in Operation Overlord and the liberation of Western Europe, 1944-1945.


In Armoured Commander II (ArmCom2) your goal is to survive the campaign, and accumulate as many Victory Points as you can during that time. In each combat day, you choose how to proceed across a procedurally-generated terrain hex map, leading your battlegroup into combat. Battle encounters take place on an abstract hex map, where you must order your crew to deal with enemy forces ranging from infantry squads to Heavy tanks. As you progress and gain Victory Points, your crew gains advances, which can be used to add skills and improve their crew stats.


  • Multiple skills for each crew position
  • Enemy AI that reacts to weather conditions and the player's actions
  • Animations and sound effects
  • Game progress can be saved and resumed at any level of play (campaign calendar, campaign day, battle encounter)

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Campaign day layer
Scenario layer