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Stable game
Developer Vadim Gaidukevich
Theme Fantasy
Influences Ancient Domains of Mystery
Released 2001 Nov 28 (?)
Updated 2006 May 30 (0.5.8)
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language C++, Lua
Platforms Windows, Linux, DOSBox, DOSBox-X]
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 4-6 hours
Official site of Avanor


Avanor is a fantasy rogue-like role-playing game. It has countryside and subterranean areas to explore, a quest system, and some original features.

Avanor's interface is similar to Ancient Domains of Mystery.


In ancient times the kingdom of Avanor was mighty, but it is now weak and isolated from the neighboring lands by ranges of impassable mountains. Many dreadful creatures have taken advantage of Avanor's isolation to wreak havoc upon the surviving population. As one of Avanor's few remaining heroes, you will no doubt wish to save the kingdom from the perils that have overtaken it.


Latest version of Avanor is v.0.5.8.

Playability on Modern Windows Machines

DOSBox is recommended, however the lack of long filename support renders the help menu inaccessible. Try using DOSBox-X, as it has long filename support configurability.

Where to find Avanor

Follow the download link on the official site page, and in the avanor/0.5.8 sub-folder of sourceforge you will find a linux version, a source code version, and a DOS version.







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