Caves of Qud

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Caves of Qud
Beta Project
Developer Freehold Entertainment
Theme Post-Apocalyptic
Influences ADOM, Omega, Dune, Gamma World, and Gene Wolfe
Released May 5th, 2010
Updated Feb 10, 2023 (204.58)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language .NET 2.0
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse, Graphical Tiles
Game Length Long to Very Long
Official site of Caves of Qud

Caves of Qud has been in development since 2007, developed by Freehold Games LLC. It focuses on exploration, in-depth character building, and the discovery of a dense history that is parts static, parts procedurally generated.


Character Creation


Caves of Qud has a two-part character creation system that allows the player to be a Mutated Human or True Kin, each with their own quirks and mechanics. Each genotype also has 12 callings or castes respectively, which influence starting skills, stats, and gear.

Mutated Humans have access to over 70 mutations which can be acquired through leveling, providing passive stat bonuses and activated abilities, among other things.

True Kin have access to cybernetics, which function much the same as mutations except they are somewhat more powerful, but must be found and installed. They also have higher starting stats and skill points per level than mutants.


Caves of Qud currently has 19 sets of skills that range from traditional combat skills, such as axe or pistol, and less traditional, specialized skills such as wayfaring and folklore. Skills may be gated behind prerequisite skills or stat values, and each set of skills may have as many as 8 sub-skills that cannot be purchased until the set has been purchased as well.


Caves of Qud treats exploration similarly to ADOM, with (currently) 7 static settlements, 3 world-map dungeons (the contents of which vary between runs, and many procedurally generated ruins, villages, and features such as peculiar plant life and trader caravans. The map is also completely static, regions getting progressively more difficult as the player travels west.

Of note is the game's large underground, which functions as one large dungeon. It is as large as the surface map, and of indeterminate depth, getting harder as you descend.


The game's static and procedural settlements offer written and generated quests specifically. The written quests follow a storyline and serve the purpose of uncovering Qud's lore and setting, although nearly no content in the game beyond lore and unique items is locked behind the main story.


  • Hunger and thirst
  • Artifacts, powerful technological items that must be identified before use
  • History generated for Qud's past and villages, the former of which generates accompanying holy relics


Developers and expert players of Caves of Qud interviewed with Andrew Doull for Episode 45 of Roguelike Radio.

This game is now on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in development