City of the Condemned

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City of the Condemned
Developer aave
Theme Christian mythology
Released Mar 13, 2010
Licensing MIT
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface curses
Game Length ~10 minutes
Official site of City of the Condemned

City of the Condemned (CotC) is a 7DRL "winner" made for the 2010 challenge. The game depicts a battle between angels and demons in a randomly generated city. The goal is (depending on the side) to either protect or destroy the humans. Victory can also be achieved by vanquishing the opposing force or ascending beyond archdemon / archangel status.



The user interface is implemented with Curses library. In contrast to many other roguelikes, all possible actions as well as their keys are displayed in the window. This is in part made possible by the limited scope of the 7DRL, but it is also a design decisions as it makes the game easy to get into. Statistics about the town population are also constantly visible, which allows the player to monitor the progress of the game although possibly breaking some immersion.


The game is fairly straight forward to play: for example, there is some abilities that the the player can decide to use, but there is no items to gather and most actions are automatically picked when "colliding" with others. There is an experience point system that allows ascension.

Contrary to many traditional roguelikes, the world does not revolve around the player and he also has allies. While interaction with the allies is minimal, the battle in the city progresses and eventually ends even if the player just tries to keep hidden.

The Heavenly Host

The good side consists of angels and archangels. Both are strong and fearless fighters usually capable of obliterating lone creatures of Hell with ease.


  • Bless - By blessing humans, they become immune to demonic possession and in fact an evil creature will be hurt slightly if it tries.
  • Touch of God - Touch of God is a powerful ability capable of exorcising and killing demons without harming their human vessels.
  • Heal - Angels can heal themselves, although it consumes the divineness and thus slows ascension.
  • Conceal divinity - By taking a human form, angels can get close to demons undetected. Note, however, that neither Bless nor Touch of God will work if not in the true form.
  • Detect Evil - This ability allows angels to detect which humans are possessed. It requires touch though.

Forces of Darkness

Imps are the lowest in the hierarchy of demonic warriors. They are no match for an angel, but well capable of causing chaos among humans. Demons and archdemons are more powerful creatures that have a chance against the warriors of God.


  • Possess - By possessing, a demon takes control of a human being. Depending on the strength of the demon, the human can cause some trouble by revolting.
  • Demon fire - The offensive skill that burns its targets painfully. Using demonic fire requires a body unless you are an archdemon.
  • Detect divinity - Similar to angels' Detect Evil-ability, this one reveals concealed angels.