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Alpha Project
Developer Jeremiah Reid
Theme abstract, Sumerian
Influences Katamari Damacy, Osmos
Released March 14, 2015
Updated March 17, 2015
Licensing Freeware
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard
Game Length 30+ minutes
Official site of DUMUZID

An abstract dungeon crawler with multi-tile enemies. The player can absorb enemies to become larger.


  • Multi-tile enemies, a rare feature in roguelikes. Though a few RLs do have large enemies, most are stationary or limited to a snake shape. To my knowledge, none have multi-tile player characters.
  • Incredibly simple controls and UI. No in-game HUD, menus, or text. No controls beyond 4 direction movement.
  • Despite the total lack of HUD/menus, DUMUZID includes a prayer mechanic, a limitless inventory, and a magic system with discoverable spells.
  • Leaderboards, high scores, and an (optional) endless dungeon


DUMUZID is loosely inspired by the mythical figure Dumuzid the Sheperd and his wife Inanna. In varying accounts Dumuzid is either a Sumerian king who ruled for 36,000 years or a bird-god. In one epic poem, Inanna enters the underworld but is able to escape:

"Inanna passes through a total of seven gates, at each one removing a piece of clothing or jewelry she had been wearing at the start of her journey, thus stripping her of her power."

After leaving the underworld, Inanna is angered to find that Dumuzid is not mourning her. She casts demons on Dumuzid and he is sent into the underworld himself.

DUMUZID is a continuation of that story. The player's journey is a reversal of Inanna's. You must also travel through seven gates to escape the underworld in DUMUZID. But instead of losing pieces of yourself to become less powerful, you are often required to attach new pieces to yourself to become more powerful.