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Developer Ed Kolis
Theme Educational, Mathematics
Influences Math
Released Mar 13, 2009
Updated Not yet
Licensing Undecided
P. Language C# .NET
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length A few minutes
Official site of Decimation

Decimation is Ed Kolis' entry into the 2009 7DRL challenge. It is a very simple roguelike with a unique premise. Instead of being a hero out to save the world, you are the number zero, and your goal is to use mathematical operations to make all the other numbers (from 1 to 9) equal zero, thus defeating them. For instance, the division operation divides the target number by 2, rounding down. If numbers "attack" you, they do damage to your "rationality" (health), and the numbers' maximum potential damage increases as the square of their value - watch out for the 9!