Demon Crawl

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Demon Crawl
Developer Overman
Theme Dungeon hack
Influences SPOINGS
Released 15 February 2015
Updated no plans
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Game Maker
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, ASCII
Game Length 1-5 hours
Official site of Demon Crawl

Demon Crawl is a dungeon descent roguelike made by Overman in 7 days, from scratch. Released in 2015, it is relatively advanced for a 7DRL and has a surprising amount of features and replay value.


"Battle through 27 levels and face all the perils that Hell has to throw at you."


The development process of Demon Crawl was captured in a devlog on the author's blog. The devlog refers to the game under its working name of "Hex Dungeon". It can be read here: Demon Crawl Devlog.

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