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Alpha Project
Developer DopeD
Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo, ADOM, Baldur's Gate
Released 2006 Jan 19
Updated 2006 Mar 28
Licensing Freeware
P. Language FreeBasic
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length ~1 hour at the moment
Official site of DoppeRogue


DoppeRogue is a fantasy-themed roguelike being developed in FreeBASIC. Instead of hacking and slashing one's way through a single dungeon, DoppeRogue features an explorable world which stays consistent, mixed with randomly generated dungeons.

As of November 16, 2007, work on the game has finally resumed. The code is being rewritten for stability and ease-of-use.


  • A computer-controlled ally with his own inventory, spells and characteristics.
  • Scripted multiple-choice dialogue in the vein of Baldur's Gate and Fallout.




There is as of yet no website for DoppeRogue, but it can be downloaded at

Feel free to send feedback to