Dungeons Of Everchange

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Dungeons of Everchange ASCII
Alpha Project
Developer Dark Gnosis (Izzy)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Brogue,Oblivion
Released February 3, 2015
Updated Aug 22, 2019
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length ~2h
Official site of Dungeons of Everchange ASCII

The Story

In Dungeons of Everchange you take a role of a lonely hero, who tries to descend into unknown depths of twisted mazes of Everchange to kill ultimate tyrant Belphegore. There is no written documents or maps of survivors who dared to enter the mazes and escaped alive, at least no rumours match what you can found down there. Except one: mazes are always different, walls and corridors change, and utmost horrors of every size lurk in dark, waiting for its next prey.

- Moldric The Wise

Main Features

Before beginning the game, rogue can choose to be one of 4 races available to play, one of the 12 Birthsigns, primary and secondary specialization in one of skills, and favorite weapon. All monsters are also born under random birthsign giving them a bit of color and variety. Dungeons are 50 levels deep, with increasing complexity, spawn count of enemies, and slightly harder encounters. For every descended level, primary skill is increased by 2 levels, and secondary by 1.

  • Visually enhanced with OpenGL and smooth scroll, remaining as close as possible to colorful terminal look
  • Real Time/Combat time transitions
  • Procedural levels, with various types of generators, including cyclic dungeon generation
  • Possibility to use almost anything. You are a mage, but found Sword +5 of super death? No problem. Fighter, but found book containing fireball spell? No problem! You will be a deadly fighter that casts fireballs.
  • Unique experience awarding system. You don't get experience for killing monsters, you get experience by doing things wrong
  • Huge number of dungeon decorations
  • Secret rooms
  • Traps
  • Automated skills, but they are changeable, by upgrading certain properties of battle skills
  • Perks
  • Permadeath
  • Thirst and Hunger
  • Stealth
  • Dungeon environmental features
  • Great variety of deaths
  • Online leaderboard
  • Sound SFX

Development Status

The development started in late 2013, and the game is currently in latest alpha state. Although very unlikely, it is possible to win the game.

Don't let you fool you the Alpha development status. Game is highly playable, with lot of content, and could be even marked as late beta. Alpha status is just current milestone how far game is from being finished, which means there will be yet a lot of content.


Main menu


Character Generator: https://imgur.com/YlyIzFq

Gameplay: https://imgur.com/M04Fwny


  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Intel-Based OSX
  • GPU OpenGL Shader v2


  • Latest version on itch.io: [1]
  • Windows Alpha 9.7.5: [2]
  • OSX Alpha 9a: [3]