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Beta Project
Developer Tung Nguyen
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack
Released September 22, 2013 (0.5.0)
Updated February 18th, 2016 (0.6.0)
Licensing NetHack GPL
P. Language C
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 8+ hours
Official site of DynaHack

DynaHack is a variant of NitroHack maintained by Tung Nguyen. It features more content (from UnNetHack) and significant changes to its interface and gameplay compared to NetHack.

It can be downloaded ready-to-play on Windows, and can also be compiled to run on OS X and Linux.

It started life as UnNetHack's content and gameplay transplanted onto NitroHack with its resizing ASCII interface, but has also come to roll in parts of NetHack 4, GruntHack, UnNetHackPlus and a few original changes.

Major Differences from NetHack

  • Over 80 new special level layouts.
  • Revamped Gehennom with less mazes and more caverns and special levels.
  • Auto-resizing ASCII interface with multi-line message box, inventory side-bar, colored statuses and HP/Pw bars.
  • Item action command menus, selectable from inventory.
  • Detailed monster info with AC, resistances, attacks, etc. (press '/' and target with ';').
  • Automatically-tracked dungeon overview (Ctrl-O) and resistances (Ctrl-X).
  • Auto-unlock for doors and boxes, and auto-loot for boxes after auto-unlocking them.
  • Enhanced travel that walks around peaceful monsters and works in Sokoban.
  • Protection from walking into known traps/water/lava (optional).
  • Random magical equipment, e.g. short sword of fire.
  • Cross-training for related weapon skills.
  • Hitting with a weapon may reveal its enchantment.
  • Better ammo stacking and turn-free weapon swapping for ranged combat.
  • Polearms are no longer restricted in melee combat.
  • Responses to infinite pudding farming and throne farming.
  • Plus a whole lot more...

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