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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Kornel Kisielewicz
Theme Gore
Licensing Closed source, Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Game Length
Official site of GenRogue

Developed by Kornel Kisielewicz since a long time ago, this game has seen a lot of rewrites in different platforms, languages and technologies. Currently it is said to be developed in C++.

By many considered a brilliant example of roguelike vapourware. This opinion is quite understandable due to the extreme reported feature bloat: GenRogue promises random plots and world generation, random cities and random conversations among many other features. Rumor also spreads that the game will feature 3D graphics, but it is yet (as everything) unconfirmed. Its true status is unknown to all but the developer.

A legend in the world of roguelikes -- all heard when using a stethoscophe on its wall was: "Kheesh... well, let it stay as it is -- it is mysterious enough now :-D"


Another thing GenRogue is famous for are is number of rewrites it has undergone.

  • Amberdale - Written in Turbo Pascal it had everything hardcoded. It featured one dungeon level and half-baked city where one could hear some rumors. Critics say this was the best GenRogue version because it could be actually played. Binaries were released as curiosity in 2002 and can still be found on old GenRogue website.
  • WoS (WoS) - Essentially as above but code was written in cleaner procedural style.
  • WoS2 (Shadow) - First rewrite to feature true LoS and employ datafiles.
  • WoS3 (WOS2) - Was playable unlike its two predecessors. Could be finished.
  • GenRogue (Alpha) - Name change resulted from decision to generalize game engine as much as possible. Overland map added.
  • GenRogue (Omega) - Rewrite triggered by learning about object oriented programming.
  • GenRogue (GRFREE) - Caused by switch to Free Pascal.
  • GenRogue (GVFREE) - Project was split into actual game and Valkyrie Framework.
  • GenRogue (GVFREE2) - Despite the discovery of OOP earlier only at this point author progressed to use of classes. This of course was the beginning of yet another rewrite.
  • GenRogue (Reloaded) - Kornel's development as a programmer continued.
  • GenRogue (Reactivated) - Eleventh rewrite. Game was no longer constrained to DOS.
  • GenRogue (?) - The rumored switch to C++ must have been the reason for another one. Nothing prevents one from having the program in two languages while things are being refactored but given history of this project nobody believes Kornel would even think of doing that.

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