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HamQuest: The Porkseeker Saga Chapter I
Beta Project
Developer PlayDeez Games
Theme Fantasy
Influences HeroQuest
Released Jan 2009 (Alpha)
Updated Feb 6, 2010 (
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard
Game Length Short
Official site of HamQuest: The Porkseeker Saga Chapter I

HamQuest is a coffeebreak roguelike

HamQuest: The Porkseeker Saga Chapter I is a coffee-break rogue-like developed by PlayDeez Games.


HamQuest does not take itself seriously, and doesn't expect you to do so, either.

The Red Dragon, on the other hand, does take itself seriously, and expects you to do so.

The game mechanics are based in part on the rules for HeroQuest.

Design Goals

HamQuest is actually something of a counter-cultural roguelike and is designed for minimalism.

Rather than having a bunch of options, complex spell systems, complex equipment systems, and a confusing array of actions to perform, HamQuest uses the four arrow keys.

To pick up an item, walk onto it.

To open a door, walk onto it.

To fight a creature, walk into it.

The character will automatically equip the best equipment he has.

This is actually why the HeroQuest system was chosen... there are only four attributes, and only three of them made it into HamQuest thus far: Attack, Defend, Body (and Mind for HeroQuest, not currently implemented).


  • Graphical UI (.NET WinForms)
  • Keyboard Controls consisting almost entirely of the Arrow Keys
  • 256 Room Maze filled with creatures and items


HamQuest as a project was first announced on August 2, 2008, although it had been in development for a couple of months at that time. Versions through were done in December 2008-January 2009.

A second round of releases began in early July 2009, and it was quickly brought up

A third round of released began in late January 2010.

The current version as of this writing is

It is considered in beta, even though it is relatively stable, because of gameplay balance issues and some new feature bugs.

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