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Alpha Project
Developer Paul Pekkarinen
Theme Fantasy
Released 1995
Updated 2005 Jun (0.4.6)
Licensing Freeware, Closed source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface Tiles
Game Length Long
Official site of Kaduria

Development started in 1995, game was originally much like NetHack.

In the game you play a role of an adventurer who journeys into a dwarven cave kingdom - Kaduria. Dwarfs who live in Kaduria deeply hate humans like you, but there are more dangerous creatures lurking in the dark and they are after you...
Kaduria has organic caves with irregular shaped rooms, underground rivers and ponds, strange plants and even small forest areas. The gameplay features a scrolling view with line-of-sight and dynamic lighting effects. -- Official site


The previous version (0.4.6) has been removed as 'out of date' (around Nov 2008?) and no new download is yet available.


  • Paul Pekkarinen (code/design/graphics)
  • Jori Palomaki (design)
  • Risto Saarelma (graphics)