Kollum: The Pressure Valve

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Kollum: The Pressure Valve
Beta Project
Developer Ananasblau (talk)
Theme Arcade
Influences Cardinal Quest
Released 2013
Updated 2012-12-16
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Lua, using LÖVE2d
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Interface Tiles, Keyboard
Game Length Short
Official site of Kollum: The Pressure Valve
Kollum: The Pressure Valve is a coffeebreak roguelike

'Kollum: The Pressure Valve is an arcade-style dungeon defender game. Your quest, playing Kollum the Destroyer is to defeat an invader to your caves, Tombo the Hero, and retrieve your precious Pressure Valve from him.

Created during LD25 is will be freeware for some time until a polished and extended version goes commercial.

The story-line is obviously a little play on The Hobbit but as the creators name is Thomas Koll, the names for the characters: Kollum and Tombo fit anyways.


The gameplay for Kollum: The Pressure Valve is very basic, the player can move in all eight directions using arrow keys or WASD. The only non-moving element so far are little treasures the opponent is trying to collect and the big red exit to the next level.


Kollum: The Pressure Valve is a tile-based Roguelike with simplistic graphics. Animations are spare.