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Developer Oohara Yuuma
Theme fantasy
Status released
Released 13th March 2010
Updated 28th March 2010
Licensing Free to download
P. Language C
Platforms Linux (+ Windows binary)
Interface ASCII
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of Last-of-candle
Last-of-candle is a coffeebreak roguelike

Last-of-candle is a 7DRL written for the 7DRL Contest 2010 by Oohara Yuuma. The game is a traditional roguelike with some novel elements which sees the player descending a dungeon and trying to close the Game of Doom.

The player can create a number of shadow copies of himself. The shadows can be set to move exactly as the player, in reverse or to stay still. They otherwise have the same health and attacks as the player and can be used. Controlling your shadows is an important tactical technique and they can be used to block enemies or assist in combined attacks.

The game is unusual in that the player also has a missile weapon which fires automatically each time he moves. This makes for fluid gameplay but can be confusing at first as there is no associated graphical effect. Pickups are limited to scrolls which have either a beneficial or detrimental effect.