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Developer Fobbah
Theme Fantasy
Influences Magicka
Released Mar 13, 2011
Updated Mar 13, 2011
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Linux
Game Length ~10 minutes
Official site of Magicko

Magicko is a coffeebreak roguelike


Magicko is a roguelike developed by Fobbah during the 7DRL Contest 2011. It has gameplay mechanics inspired by the recent game Magicka – There is no levelling system, and spells are constructed by making combinations of the 10 elements available to the player. As there are no items/levelling, and healing is free, in order to succeed the player simply has to keep on his toes and make his way down the stairs. Easier said than done.

The goal is to head down to the bottom of the caves and kill Vlad, the friendly non-vampiric entity.

Latest versions and news can be found here: Magicko Webpage