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Alpha Project
Developer Da-Breegster
Theme Steampunk, Surreal
Released Jun 21 2009 (alpha)
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Perl
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of MnemonicRL

MnemonicRL is an ambitious 2009 project by Da-Breegster. Its notable features include ASCII art sprites for the static town, animation (snow, fire, smoke, etc), and its multiplayer capabilities. It has an increasingly intricate plot; players arrive in Cyphen, the Land of Nowhere, a purgatory where they await their memories in the river. However, the factories seem to be affecting this process somehow, and it is up to the entire community to decide what to do.

Note: MnemonicRL is alive again! Check the website for daily updates.

Alpha Demo

Windows and Linux versions available. The game has a multiplayer client and also a singleplayer mode.


MnemonicRL's base engine, PerlRL, supports both a singleplayer and multiplayer mode. Players will congregate in Cyphen, form parties, and enter a set of dungeons with a particular theme and rank. Nobody may join a party once it is created, but anybody can leave the dungeon and forfeit. Permadeath in a party dungeon is implemented by a severe penalty: losing a few levels and some significant items. The rest of the party may choose to help the weakened member level up again, or they may abandon them, leaving them to forfeit the party and go try an easier dungeon set. MnemonicRL will also feature a traditional singleplayer mode and a free-for-all area open to every player. PvP (Player-vs-Player) and PK (Player-killing) will be allowed in controlled, segregated arenas.


Party games will occur in a set of dungeons that have a specific rank/level of monsters and also a theme. Everything except for the puzzle set would be randomly generated. Ideas thus far:

  • Factory with a sewer system of pipes, machinery, conveyor belts. I might be able to try out some experimental 3D dungeon stuff for overlapping pipes or catwalks.
  • Puzzle set - A friend of mine draws extremely elaborate mazes in various shapes. If I scan these in and convert them to ASCII, they'd make for some great levels.
  • A celestial area. I'm not sure what role heaven and hell play relative to the purgatory Cyphen, yet. But a focus on the Chinese zodiac is a must -- they constitute a sizable chunk of the monster populus, currently.
  • Snowy wilderness - tough to pull off and make it interesting. Dunno yet.
  • Traditional room/hallway mazes -- but with the river running through it. Again, a large point of the game is to track the river upstream and discover the source of the strange happenings in Cyphen. This is, of course, complicated by the fact that the river runs both ways depending on whether Cyphen or Uben dominates reality at the moment.
  • Some sort of lush underground forest with bioluminescent lighting. The Vernian theme appeals, somehow.


A cinematic trailer is available at Source quality can be found at