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|licensing = [[Open Source]] (GPL 3.0)
|licensing = [[Open Source]] (GPL 3.0)
|language = [[Cpp]]
|language = [[Cpp]]
|platforms = [[Linux]]
|platforms = [[Windows]], [[Linux]]
|interface = [[ascii]], [[keyboard]]
|interface = [[ascii]], [[keyboard]]
|length = < 15 min
|length = < 15 min

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Mouse Crawl: Blackheather
Developer tndwolf
Theme Fantasy
Influences You Only Live Once
Released December 11, 2009
Updated December 11, 2009
Licensing Open Source (GPL 3.0)
P. Language Cpp
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ascii, keyboard
Game Length < 15 min
Official site of Mouse Crawl: Blackheather

Mouse Crawl: Blackheather is a coffeebreak roguelike

The Watch is an elite group of mice dedicated to serve and protect their kin, and you are one of them.

During the last winter a small group of Watchers found a large complex of caves leading to the largest city of the mice territories. This dungeon, Blackheather, is the last memory of the war with the weasels and its discovery troubles the leader of the Watch.

Many mice have since tried to brave the halls of Blackheather, and one of them was your mentor Asador. Several days have passed without a word from Asador so now you pack your gear and prepare to crawl deep into the heart of Blackheather.


  • Traits based character generation
  • Strongly data driven
    • Add and remove monsters, traits and levels
    • Edit "tilesets" to generate new kind of maps
  • Status effects (entangled, stunned, poisoned)
  • No regenaration, you can rest to full health outside of combat
  • Stealth
  • Permadeath