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Alpha Project
Developer Olav Botterli
Theme Wilderness, Fantasy, Segmented
Influences MUD, TableTop, Minecraft
Released September 1st, 2021 (Developer Edition)
Updated April 1st, 2024 (Alpha V5)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, WebGL, WebGPU, BabylonJS
Platforms Web
Interface Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 5+ Hours
Official site of MudGate

MudGate is a fragmented world where each step can reveal new lands, you must revitalize the ancient gates to reach your sanctuary.

In MudGate, adventure beckons in Icemire, the central realm where ancient gates, once thriving with portals to other realms, now lie crumbled. These gateways stand as silent witnesses to a conflict that tore the realms apart long ago.

As a traveler in this fractured world, you will navigate the remnants of Icemire, seek lost magic to mend the gates, uncover hidden truths of the realms, and rejuvenate a fractured world.


  • 5 playable races for character customization.
  • Common MUD command support.
  • 18 diverse humanoid races, creatures, and animals to engage with.
  • Handcrafted realms and procedurally generated dungeons.
  • 1-500 players accommodated in realm or dungeon instances.
  • Safe, equipment-safe, and free-for-all PVP modes in realms.
  • Combat and abilities use d20 dice notations, with results in log window.
  • Persistent inventory and goal progression for players.
  • Parties of up to 8 players or NPC companions.
  • Multi-faceted skill system for customized builds.
  • Extensive selection of weapons, armor, and interactive items.
  • Environmental or item functions invoked through text commands.
  • Iterative game design and development driven by community feedback.


Endless Dungeon Fighting
Dungeon Fighting.png
Dungeon Shop
Dungeon shop.png
Icemire Realm
Icemire Realm
Lowbirdforest Realm
Tiny Dungeon
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