Please the Island God

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Please the Island God
Developer plomlompom
Theme Fantasy, Wilderness Survival
Influences NetHack, Dwarf Fortress
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 15th March 2015
Licensing GPL, Open source
P. Language Python, C
Platforms Linux, OSX, other Unixes might work
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length ~ 1 hour
Official site of Please the Island God




You're stranded on an island. To leave, you must please the God that rules it. This God sees the island's animals and plants as its children. So hacking and slashing through the wildlife won't do …

To please the Island God, you may feed its children, do missions provided by the Island God's altar, spread certain plants, curb or grow certain animal populations. All while trying not to die of hunger, or get killed by animals stronger than you.

You may have to displease the Island God occasionally – by hurting animals, or by chopping down trees (to build something else from the wood).


  • randomly generated hexagonal island map
  • turn-based
  • permadeath
  • FOV and map memory (for player and animals)
  • optional AI control of player avatar (as for the animals, optimized for survival – fleeing, food acqusition –, not for mission solving)
  • each move is recorded, game recording can be replayed
  • agricultural and animal population control missions


  • "H:" – health / hit points
  • "S:" – satiation, starts at 0, falls every turn, is boosted by eating; with chance of hitpoint loss growing with its absolute value (there is over-eating, too!), and the chance of hitpoint gain via healing the closer it is to zero
  • "G:" – Island God's favor, as it grows, the Island God will grant new items/tools/abilities
  • player avatar health bar
  • (animals' health bars and activity symbols once the Island God grants the ability to read animals)

terrain types

  • "~": sea
  • ".": earth
  • ":": soil (plants spread here)
  • "X": tree (can be chopped down)
  • "|": wall (can be built from wood, and be chopped down again)
  • "_": altar (talk to the Island God here)

animal types

  • ",": bug (slow, few hitpoints, low food need, barely nutritious)
  • "d": dog (faster, more hitpoints, greater food need, quite nutritious)
  • "B": bear (very strong/fast, great food need, extremely nutritious)
  • "@": you, the human

plant types

  • "#": unkraut (spreads fast, barely nutritious, useful only for bugs)
  • "*": god flower (spreads slow, not nutritious)
  • ")": god berry (spreads faster, quite nutritious)


  • "/": axe (chop trees to wood)
  • "-": knife (weaker axe)
  • "]": carpentry tool (turn wood to wall)
  • "[": fertilizer (turn earth to soil)
  • "0": surprise!


Needs Python 3 and ncurses library to run. To build from source, gcc-ish C compiler is needed, and ncurses and C library headers.


This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015, based on the PlomRogue engine.