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R. Dan Henry currently is the maintainer of Gumband and is working on the release of his own original Angband variant, Dangband. He also spends too much time on rec.arts.roguelike.development. He hopes to eventually write a space opera roguelike under the name Prototype and, if he does, there will also be at least one other game, a fantasy roguelike parody, using much of the same code, and ideally a third game using an unusual theme. His specialty is taking long discussions and boiling them down into handy lists.

He has also provided feedback to other developers and has contributed new monsters and items to Steamband, where he appears in the game as one of the shopkeepers. He contributed mainly spelling corrections to POWDER, but is responsible for the Necromancer and Barbarian dress codes.

Roguelike games he has ever won any version of:

* Angband
* Zangband
* Steamband
* Sangband
* DoomRL
* Nethack