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Slash'EM Extended
Stable game
Developer Amy Bluescreenofdeath
Theme fantasy
Influences NetHack, SLASH, SLASH'EM, UnNetHack, SporkHack, ToME, Angband, ADOM
Released Dec 16, 2013 (0.01)
Updated Aug 13, 2021 (2.72)
Licensing Nethack General Public License
P. Language C
Platforms All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP) plus Windows 7/8/10, Unix
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Many hours.
Official site of Slash'EM Extended

Slash'EM Extended (which is short for Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic) is a variant of NetHack with, as its name implies, many new features. It is the spiritual successor of SLASH'EM (by Warren Cheung), based on version 0.0.7E7F2, with various additional changes since.


Slash'EM Extended can be described as SLASH'EM with some added features, such as:

  • New classes
  • A rearranged dungeon with a longer quest
  • Many new variants of special levels (like the Sokoban levels), as well as added ones (like the Heck and Lethe levels)
  • Lots of new monsters, items (including artifacts for many more base item types) and traps
  • Randomly generated monsters and items: those will be initialized on game start, and the player will not know their attacks/effects in advance until they are found/seen in action. For example, in one game an amethyst dragon scale mail may give fire resistance and in the next game it may give cold resistance instead.
  • Game balance fixes to reduce tedium and farming while increasing difficulty especially in the late game
  • Interface patches (e.g. color-coded hit point display) to provide an enjoyable playing experience
  • Inspired by ToME, the ability to play as a lost soul by using the "lostsoul" character generation option, where the player has to escape from the Halls of "Mandos" (Medusa).

Version and platforms

Slash'EM Extended was created by Amy Bluescreenofdeath, based on SLASH'EM v0.0.7E7F2. The latest version is 2.72, available as a binary for 32-bit and 64-bit MS Windows; the source code is also compilable for Unix systems.

The telnet server at hosts an up-to-date version of Slash'EM Extended with the ability to watch games in progress. All games on the servers are saved in ttyrec format for playback.

The project's git repository shows all individual changes since Feb 11, 2015: (changelog can be found in history2.txt, binaries for Microsoft Windows can be found under the Releases tab)

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