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Succession is an entry in the 2014 7DRL and Procedural Death Jam contests. It won Best Use of Death in PDJ and took 5th place in 7DRL 2014.

Developer Adam Perry
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue
Released 2014 Mar 16
Updated 2014 Mar 31
Licensing GPL
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Interface Mouse (partial keyboard support)
Game Length 30-60 minutes
Official site of Succession


According to legends, this is it: the dungeon wherein lies the mystical Amulet of Zot. Whoever manages to retrieve it will gain great power and glory. Only... it probably won't be you.

You begin Succession as a rogue adventurer: a smart but perhaps unwise fellow celebrating your recent victory over a dire rat by seeking the Amulet of Zot. You will probably die. And that's where your adventure begins.

When you are killed by one of the dungeon's many occupants, you start back at the beginning with one minor change: you now control the monster who killed your previous adventurer. Should you die again, you will return as the monster who killed that monster, and so on. Someday, you'll die to something that's strong enough to claim the Amulet.


  • Succession: The titular game mechanic causes you to play as the monster that killed you on death.
  • Many monsters, unique abilities: Each species of monster has a unique special ability. Liches raise the dead as mindless servants; shades are permanently invisible; dragons breathe fire from afar. Die to one of these and its power is yours. Eat a monster's meat to gain its power temporarily (in addition to your own).
  • Drink potions, throw potions: Potions can be quaffed or thrown, depending on whom you want them to affect. Drink a portal potion to blink away, or throw it at a monster to make your escape.
  • Multiple difficulty levels: You start the game as a mundane Rogue. How you restart after you die is influenced by the difficulty level, from inheriting all your past bonuses to starting from zero as the new monster.



Procedural Death Jam - Best Use of Death 7DRL 2014 - 5th place