The Rougelike!

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Not to be confused with Rouge.

The Rougelike!
Developer Timofei Shatrov
Theme Wikipedia, parody, coffee break
Influences Jimbo Wales (met in person)
Released March, 2006
Updated December 9, 2006
Licensing GPL
P. Language Common Lisp
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length short
Official site of The Rougelike!

The Rougelike! was created during 7DRL Contest 2006. The latest version is 1.61.

The game takes a satirical approach at Wikipedia. Your character is a "rouge" admin, and you must commit as many outrageous actions as possible before you'll get forced out of Wikipedia. For each such action you'll get Rouge points. You also have Karma points, which are given for good actions and subtracted for bad actions. When you have low karma, people would hate you a lot.


  • unique gameplay
  • unique monsters
  • and so on, just see for yourself

How to compile

If you want to compile this game on Linux, do the following:

You need:

  1. CLISP ( - probably you can get it with apt-get or something like that. You need CLISP 0.38 or later.
  2. ASDF: save this file somewhere:*checkout*/cclan/asdf/asdf.lisp
  3. CL-STORE:
  4. CFFI:
  5. trivial-gray-streams:
  6. MD5:

Make directory "~/lisp" and put the libraries into subfolders.

Edit ~/.clisprc to include these commands:

(load "/path/to/asdf.lisp")
(push "~/lisp/" asdf:*central-registry*)

Go to ~/lisp and make a symbolic link to every lib, for example

ln -s ~/lisp/cffi/cffi.asd cffi.asd

for CFFI. Alternatively install ASDF-INSTALL, and use it to install all libraries. It's not a rocket science. Also, add symbolic link to rouge.asd in the same way.

Then, start clisp


And enter these commands:

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :rouge)
(ext:cd "/path/to/the-rougelike/")

It should produce a file called "rouge.exe". Rename this file appropriately for your operating system. The directory should also contain "controls.cfg".