Toby the Trapper

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Toby the Trapper
Developer Darren Grey
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, Gruesome
Released Mar 2010
Updated 20th September 2010 (v1.2)
Licensing GPL, Open source
P. Language Free Pascal
Platforms Windows Linux OSX
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length < 1 hour
Official site of Toby the Trapper

Toby the Trapper is a coffeebreak roguelike


Toby the Trapper is a coffeebreak roguelike written in Free Pascal by Darren Grey for the 7DRL 2010 competition. It features a somewhat novel battle system whereby enemies can only be harmed by traps laid by the player. It's a moderately difficult game in which any misstep can lead to instant death, but careful play can get you far. There are 13 levels, 6 bosses, 8 trap types and 15 ending variations depending on playstyle.

Download it here:

Newest edition includes a number of bugfixes, updates and feature completions over the 7DRL version. Most notably it reduces the number of levels to 13, fixes some boss behaviours, adds 3 new enemy types and makes higher end traps easier to use.