War of Wizards

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War of Wizards
Developer Robson
Theme Fantasy
Influences None
Released 2007 Mar 16
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language Visual Basic 6
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 1-10 minutes
Official site of War of Wizards

War of Wizards is a two-player wizard-versus-wizard battle of magic in the roguelike style.

This game was created during the 7DRL Contest 2007. Details about the creation can be found here.

War of Wizards can be downloaded here.


  1. Windows.
  2. VB6 Run Time Library - If you need this, you'll get an error about missing msvbvm60.dll. The library can be download from http://tinyurl.com/37lyd
  3. Winsock Library - If you need this, you'll get an error about missing MSWINSCK.OCX. This file is included with the game, so just copy it to c:\windows\system32\ and then go to Start > Run and enter regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\MSWINSCK.OCX


War of Wizards is a two player game that's played over the Internet. Each player is a wizard in a random dungeon. Each turn they can move around and are given three random spells that they can cast. When a wizard is killed the other wizard wins.

In testing I've had a few problems with connecting to other computers, but hopefully you will have more luck than I had.

To play, one player should open the game and go to Connection > Listen. They should tell the other player their IP address, who would then open the game and go to Connection > Connect... and enter the IP address.

You can find your IP address here.


Control is done using the number pad, except for chatting.

  • Number pad 12346789 : Movement
  • / * - : Cast spell
  • Enter : End turn
  • Space : Chat


  • Blink - Moves the caster to a random new location.
  • Demolition - Dungeon walls around the caster are destroyed.
  • Detection - The location of the opponent is known to you.
  • Firestorm - Fire erupts from the caster, burning anyone around.
  • Forced Forget - The opponent forgets the dungeon layout.
  • Lightning Bolts - Four massive rays shoot out from the caster.
  • Magic Mapping - A section of the dungeon becomes known to you.
  • Mass Blink - Moves both wizards to new random locations.
  • Navigate - Paths are created in four directions from the caster.
  • Rays of Cold - Eight magical rays shoot out from the caster.

Thank You

Thank you to Mario Donick for testing the game and giving me lots of great feedback.

Thank you to Slash for his words of wisdom and for promising to test it in the future.


To test War of Wizards without playing against someone over the Internet, open the game and press Shift+F12. This will create another instance of the application. Press Control+L to make one instance listen then switch to the other instance. Press Control+C and then connect to

You can then play as both players, by switching between each window.

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