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Alpha Project
Developer Ben Hemmendinger
Theme Jabberwockyish
Influences Tunnels of Doom, classic RLs
Released Mar 27, 2009
Updated Oct 13, 2009
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Processing (Java)
Platforms Browser, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface 3D/2D graphics, keyboard
Game Length (undefined)
Official site of Wayfarer

Wayfarer is a developing Roguelike that fuses 3D graphics with 2D sprites. It can be played online, or downloaded for Mac, Windows, or Linux. (Downloads are up again, as of 8.28.09.)




  • Blend of turn-based and real-time
  • 2D or 3D mode
  • Simple vector graphics, scalable 8x8 sprites
  • Sound and music
  • Animation, special effects
  • Save games online in the web applet version
  • Save games to disk in the download version
  • Persistent levels (and level contents)
  • Shops
  • Limb health system
  • Combat
  • Some spells (in the form of scrolls and wands, for now)
  • A handful of skills
  • ID minigame (the properties of potions, scrolls, etc. are obscure until tested)

Current limitations

  • No win condition (bop 'til you drop)
  • Only a few dungeon fauna, with increasing toughness on deeper levels to simulate difficulty

Future plans

  • Many unique NPC / monster behaviors
  • Versatile "combine items" command
  • A server-based Pawn Shop for online characters
  • A large world with multiple towns and dungeons, quests, guilds
  • A speech/dialogue system
  • More skills, spells, and enchanted items
  • Cooperative, devious enemies
  • Nonlethal combat skills