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Alpha Project
Developer Kyzrati
Theme Science Fiction
Influences X-COM
Released 2011 ARRP (pre-alpha tech demo)
Updated Aug 7, 2013
Licensing Freeware, Closed source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length
Official site of X@COM

A complete remake of the original X-COM, console-style.


The initial goal of X@COM is to put together a more-or-less faithful recreation of the original, though rendered using simple ASCII graphics. This first stage will of course also implement any interface improvements necessary to streamline play (the original had its notable few faults which most remakes attempt to correct). The second stage will expand on game content where possible, not in a way that affects balance or gameplay, but more to expand X-COM's breadth (for example, a greater number of combat environments). An eventual third stage will add numerous optional settings and possibilities which give the game greater depth.


See the development blog for status updates/screenshots/videos, or check the FAQ, changelog, or roadmap.


95% : UI Framework
95% : Sound


99% : Mechanics
40% : UI
10% : Data
10% : Visual FX
75% : Sound FX
 0% : Map Gen (placeholder system)
 0% : AI (demo has placeholder AI)


 0% (not implemented until battlescape complete)

Notable Features

Currently Implemented:

  • 3D environment w/fully destructible terrain
  • Sideview map for aiming in third dimension
  • Gravity effects on terrain (optional)
  • Multi-tile units
  • Particle engine for visual effects
  • Sound effects, including dynamic material-based destruction
  • All data loaded from text files
  • Highly flexible/modular data for easy and creative modding

Coming Soon:

  • Vastly upgraded interface


The first playable tech demo was released for ARRP 2011. Several new releases have been made available since then. Visit the devblog to get the latest version.

By default, the game will automatically start up in ARRP mode, which builds a random 60x60 map and gives you 8 X-COM units of varying experience armed with an array of conventional weapons. There are only 4 aliens on the map at first, most likely found near their scout UFO, but more will gradually arrive (tending to concentrate around the UFO). The aliens and their equipment are completely random. Kill all the aliens to win--it is not impossible, but you will be outnumbered and outgunned pretty quickly. You might be happy to know the number of aliens is capped at 1,000. Good luck. This mission is a good introduction to the basic X-COM content, but has become rather dated compared to the releases since. Try another mission by executing the associated batch file:

  • Area 51: Fight alongside soldiers defending an Area 51 base against an alien assault, and be prepared for some surprises. The environment is non-random, but enemies are mostly randomized.
  • Exodus: Assist the National Guard during the evacuation of a city overrun by aliens. This mission shouldn't be too difficult to "successfully" complete, although there's potential for a much higher score if played well. Replayability is high as the city layout and opposition forces are randomly generated.
  • Cataclysm: A virus of alien origin suddenly descends on a town where a small group of X-COM operatives happen to be enjoying some R&R. Huge replayability due to a wide variety of different structures, NPCs, and items that may be used to randomly generate the town. (This scenario is very non-traditional in design; STRONGLY recommended to read the R7 release notes.)
  • A Rookie's Tale: For a re-imagining of X-COM in a roguelike/D&D fantasy world, try this megamod announced on the blog here.
  • See the blog files page for mods that feature extra content and user-made missions.
  • Sandbox: If the scenarios are too much for you, running this will generate a unit with every available non-secret weapon and give you unlimited TU and ammo, for your destructive pleasure.


The X-COM name and content are the property of their respective copyright holders--this is a free fan project.