100 Heroes

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100 Heroes: Shopkeeper of Doom
Alpha Project
Developer Paul Wright
Theme Economics/Trading
Influences Recettear
Released 2012
Updated Oct 25, 2012
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Short
Official site of 100 Heroes: Shopkeeper of Doom


100 Heroes is a game currently in development, heavily inspired by the Roguelike genre.

The game is programmed using Python 2.7 with the libtcod 1.5.0 wrapper by jice.

The game puts you in charge of a shop in a generic fantasy town, left with the task of making sufficient profit through buying and selling items to one hundred persistent heroes who exist in the world at any given time.

100 Heroes abstracts most of the classic roguelike mechanics away, limiting the interaction of the player to generally the things that would only interest a shop-keeper in this fantasy-based town. For example dungeons can only be visited vicariously through the personal logs of the heroes in town.

The game is at an early stage of development and interaction options are limited at present, with more added as development continues.

An .exe version is available for Windows machines, and the .py source code is available.


  • buy items from other shops in town, looking for a bargain
  • player needs to develop knowledge of all items over time - e.g. a curved sword could be a sabre or a scimitar. This information is important on making the right decisions about what to buy - at what price.
  • levelling mechanic allows the player to discern more information about various types of equipment
  • place bids on daily auctions
  • visiting merchants buy and sell goods
  • offer contracts to heroes to delve in dungeons
  • world chaos and evil measures affect tax rates and the behaviour of dungeons

Future developments are centred around the development of the above, with added complexity, improved hero behaviour, and all round additional retail-centric options (marketing options etc.) being the key goals.

Recent developments

Recent developments have concentrated on bringing the game in to a semi-stable, semi-playable state. With v0.11 the game currently has:

  • High Scores (local)
  • End-game conditions through monster destruction or non-payment of taxes
  • Dynamic dungeons which grow in power or are killed by over-zealous heroes - new ones will rise to replace them depending on the overall chaos of the world