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Stable game
Developer Ratz 'N' Godz
Theme Fantasy
Influences DCSS, Dominion4
Released Feb 20, 2014 (1.0.0)
Updated Feb 07, 2015 (1.4.0)
Licensing Closed source
P. Language Actionscript, XML
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X
Interface pixel-art graphics, keyboard, mouse
Game Length medium
Official site of 1Quest

1Quest is a roguelike dungeon crawler.

Latest Patch notes


  • Roguelike: Dying is fun!
  • 6 different races
  • 18 different classes
  • More than 150 powers
  • 20 different dungeons with specific rewards
  • Magic system based on spell schools and magic affinity for more diversity and replayability
  • 2 'true' endings ... not including the easy ones if save only some of the children
  • Will be fully moddable (documentation available after the release)

Getting the game