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7 Day Roguelike Challenge Challenge
Developer Furi-wuff
Theme Modern, Experimental
Influences N/A
Released 5/5/11
Updated 5/5/11
Licensing Creative Commons
P. Language Lua
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Interface ASCII
Game Length Ranging, depending on luck
Official site of 7 Day Roguelike Challenge Challenge

7 Day Roguelike Challenge Challenge is Furi-wuff's first successful, working game using LOVE, his first roguelike, and his first 7DRL, for the 7DRL Contest 2011. In this game, the goal is to get to the stairs on each level before the level fades away. There are no enemies, no bosses, nothing to fight, except the timer, and the only way you know how close you are to losing is the luminosity of the level. Also, the timer is real-time; you can only think for so long.

Your character is customizable down to both the colors (RGB format) and symbol. Check player.lua for details. To get to player.lua. rename the .love to a .zip and take out player.lua. Then change it up how you like, and put it back in and rename the .zip back to .love.

The controls are customizable in controls.lua.

Included, now, is more than the default "fixed" font, if you have no spare monospaced fonts to use. There are...




If you find the game to be small and, once again, don't have any other fonts to use, try fixed_2.