Advanced Rogue

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Advanced Rogue
Stable game
Developer Michael Morgan, Ken Dalka, Roguelike Restoration Project, others
Influences Rogue 3.6, Super-Rogue
Released 1984-86, 1989?-93?, 2005-07 (v5.8-v7.7, v5.8s, RRP versions)
Updated August 1, 2007 (v5.8.2, v5.8s1 alpha, v7.7.1)
Licensing Similar to "New BSD"
P. Language
Platforms Windows, DOS, Linux
Interface ASCII text
Game Length
Official site of Advanced Rogue

Advanced Rogue is a legacy roguelike game, based on the Rogue 3.6 source code, and with some additions from Super-Rogue. It is currently maintained by the Roguelike Restoration Project. It was developed by a group of employees at AT&T Bell Labs between 1984 and 1986. Michael Morgan and Ken Dalka appear to be among the semi-anonymous authors. AT&T distributed Advanced Rogue through the AT&T Toolchest for a time.

The Roguelike Restoration Project currently maintains 4 versions of the game:

  • Version 1.0 (unreleased)
  • Version 5.8
  • Version 5.8s: A minor variant of Advanced Rogue 5.8, possibly from around May, 1989 and with unknown authorship. A second version found at M.I.T. around 1993 was effectively identical with minor changes for porting. Additions include a few magic items, a slightly different array of monsters, several types of special rooms (orc den, ant hill, throne room, zoo, etc) but is otherwise the same as Advanced Rogue 5.8. The additions made in this variant do not appear in later versions of Advanced Rogue or XRogue.
  • Version 7.7




  • A version of Advanced Rogue 5.8 for Windows 64bit with a custom SDL2 window (via PDCurses) Advanced Rogue v5.8