Ali the Android

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Ali the Android
Stable game
Developer Deen Games
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences DoomRL, Axiom Verge
Released 2019 November 6 (v1.0)
Updated 2019 November 6 (v1.0)
P. Language C#
Platforms UNIX, Windows, Mac
Interface 2D
Game Length Short
Official site of Ali the Android

Ali the Android is a sci-fi roguelike/metroidvania that focuses on combat, unlocking new weapons, and collecting power-ups.


Ali the Android is a fast-paced, combat-heavy roguelite/metroidvania. The game features ten floors; every other floor includes a new weapon or power-up, which can be used both for combat and with some effect on the surrounding environment.

  • Characters become stronger by collecting power-ups at the end of each floor
  • Each weapon can be used to unlock certain environmental tiles
  • Players can back-track to unlock secret rooms once they acquire the appropriate tools
  • HP does not regenerate in the dungeon
  • Monsters attack aggressively, forcing the user to rely on tactics and skill

The game is currently in public release. It is fully playable. The source code is available on GitHub:


Ali the Android includes several accessibility features:

  • Starts in full-screen mode
  • One-hand-friendly controls by default
  • Arbitrary key mapping
  • An alternate high-contrast colour palette
  • Animation speed control
Ali the Android is a coffeebreak roguelike