Ascension the Lost Horizon

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Ascension, the Lost Horizon
Alpha Project
Developer (GrishdaFish)
Theme Fantasy
Influences IVAN, Incursion, DCSS (very loosely)
Released TBD
Updated November 29, 2019
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Medium
[ Official site of Ascension, the Lost Horizon]

A dungeon delving roguelike with a heavy focus on lighting and a strong emphasis on ease of play.


  • Real time full color dynamic lighting
  • Horde based combat, with plenty of swarms
  • Full mouse and keyboard support
  • Modern key set (wasd) with rebindable keys
  • Libtcod subcell resolution and true colors
  • Dynamic timing system
  • Particles
  • Intelligent AI
  • Easily moddable
  • Scriptable levels and individual rooms
  • Hotbar / Quickbar


  • Resource management
  • Inventory and equipment system
  • Fog of war
  • Several damage types each with unique properties/effects
  • Permadeath
  • Turn-based action
  • Single player with minor online elements
  • No hunger clocks

Screenshots and gifs

General Gameplay:


Spell effects and hot bar:


Subcell lighting: