Battle Weary

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Battle Weary
Alpha Project
Developer Lone Spelunker
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Telengard
Released Mar 10 2019
Updated Mar 10 2019
Licensing Closed source
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Interface Keyboard
Game Length medium
Official site of Battle Weary

Battle Weary was an entry in the 2019 7DRL. It was an experiment to see how the roguelike experience could be made accessible to people who use screen readers to access the web.


  • HTML5, playable in-browser
  • Screen reader friendly (tested in VoiceOver, other screen readers still need testing)
  • Deck-building as a character advancement mechanic
  • Room-by-room movement instead of tile-by-tile to make game less tedious for screen reader users

Playable online at

DeckBuilding System

Your character is represented by a deck of cards. At the start of play, you draw a hand of four cards out of your deck. As you fight monsters, you play cards out of your hand, and when you run out, the enemy gets to play a card. Then you draw four more cards. When you run out of cards, you shuffle your discard pile back into a draw pile, adding an Exhaustion card. Similarly, when a monster successfully hits you, it adds a Wound card to your deck. If you draw a hand of four cards that are all bad cards like Wounds and Exhaustion, then your hero has fallen in battle and your game is over.

There are ways of getting rid of the bad cards in your deck. For instance, in town, you can go to the inn and rest, which will remove all the Exhaustion cards from your deck. You can also acquire new cards for your deck that are more powerful and versatile. Also, treasure you pick up are also cards, so the more treasure you carry around, the more it clutters your deck, so it's good to spend the treasure in town to keep your deck uncluttered. Deck hygiene is the key to doing well in the game!