Beware of Strange Warp Points

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Beware of Strange Warp Points
Developer Ed Kolis
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences Space Empires
Released Mar 14, 2014
Updated Not yet
Licensing Undecided, but open source (available at Bitbucket)
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows, Mono
Interface ASCII and Windows Forms
Game Length Under 30 minutes
Official site of Beware of Strange Warp Points

Beware of Strange Warp Points (or BOSWP for short) is Ed Kolis' entry into the 7DRL Challenge 2014.

It's a roguelike based on the Space Empires games by Malfador Machinations. The Jraenar have invaded Terran space, and the fleet is decimated - you're our only hope! Destroy the cloaked Jraenar shipyards, and use the minerals salvaged from enemy ships to upgrade your own ship.

In addition to ship customization, another unique feature of BOSWP is the autofire weapons system. Since your ship can be equipped with multiple ranged weapons, and ranged weapons are a pain to manage in roguelikes, weapons will automatically fire at the most opportune target that is in range.