Cogmind 7DRL

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Cogmind 7DRL
Developer Kyzrati
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences Battletech (very loosely)
Released 7DRL Challenge 2012
Updated May 9th, 2012
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Cpp
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 2-4 hrs
Official site of Cogmind 7DRL

Notice: This is the original 7DRL version. A much improved commercial version of Cogmind has been released by Grid Sage Games. See the website, or check out the other RogueBasin page: Cogmind.

You are a prototype for a form of highly intelligent artificial life capable of quickly interfacing with and learning from the surrounding environment to evolve over time. You are the Cogmind. Build and rebuild yourself as you destroy or evade the Overmind's robot thralls to escape the subterranean city in this sci-fi dungeon romp.


The original Cogmind was a 7DRL developed from the X@COM code base for the 2012 challenge.

Blow robots to ASCII bits (literally) and use what's left to rebuild yourself. There's quite a bit of depth at both the strategic and tactical level as you decide how to evolve over time, what kind of parts to attach, and how to confront (or circumvent) the variety of enemies standing in your way.

Face off against Grunts, Watchers, Swarmers, Sentries, Hunters, Programmers, and... (I'll save the last for a surprise), each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. But it's not just dangerous enemies out there; this is a city, after all, and you'll also encounter Workers, Tunnelers, Builders, Recyclers, and Haulers going about their business.



  • Particle engine for animated ASCII effects (weapons/explosions etc.)
  • Animated interface with sound effects
  • Fully destructible terrain
  • Partial mouse support (full keyboard support)
  • Most data loaded from text files
  • Ongoing high score competition


  • Resource management
  • Inventory and equipment system
  • Item identification system
  • Fog of war
  • Several damage types each with unique properties/effects
  • Simple yet dynamic combat system
  • No XP (character development is automatic)
  • Multiple AI behaviors
  • Enemies with special abilities
  • 12 classes of enemies
  • 40 special abilities
  • 400 items
  • Permadeath
  • Autosave/load on exit/startup
  • Randomly generated maps
  • Turn-based action
  • Single player
  • Message log
  • Enemy units use the same ruleset as the player
  • Score output to an external file



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