Como el Rogue

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Como el Rogue
Beta Project
Developer researcho
Theme D&D
Influences NetHack, Angband
Released December 12nd, 2011
Updated March 21nd, 2012
Licensing BSD, Freeware
P. Language Python, libtcod
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length not tested
Official site of Como el Rogue

ComoelRogue it's being a try to do THE roguelike in Spanish, or at least, a roguelike in Spanish :)

It's written in Python 2.7 and it uses libtcod as console manage library

the main page of the project is

and a download link: v26 V26 v20 V20

I hope to advance on ideas and solutions with the problems and have a decent version soon. at least for now it's only in a beta stage.

If anyone can really help contact with me at e-mail

Actually (v2.6) the game have some basic aspects: dungeon creation with bsp algorhytm, field of view (fov), combat and (really) basic ai, town and items, saving-loading the game and scrolling of the map. also, it has music thanks to John Sayles Renaissance music


screenshotv26.png comoelrogueintro.jpg comoelroguev2.jpg