Cosmic Commando

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Cosmic Commando
Defunct Game
Developer zasvid
Theme Space Opera
Influences Mass Effect
Released September 15 2012 ({{{relver}}})
Updated Sep 24 2013 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Freeware / Open-source (GPL 3)
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, (Mouse optional)
Game Length 1 Hour
Official site of Cosmic Commando

Cosmic Commando is a game in early stage of developement set in a space opera setting. You're a brave cosmic commando who fights forces of bloodthirsty syndicate ruled by mysterious Lady Raven.

So far, the game focuses on tactical positioning. It is governed by simple rules, but gameplay is not too shallow.

In release v0.2 Cosmic Commando became a fully structured game with a considerable degree of polish for such an early version. It features a nonstandard approach to advancement: to win, the player has to complete three preliminary missions first (in any sequence, refreshing to pristine status after each successful quest) before attempting to beat the final level, which has varying difficulty depending on player's decisions earlier (after each mission the player has the option to make the final level - and only it - easier. Forgoing this opportunity increases the player's final score).

Since release v0.3 Cosmic Commando features an optional mode that adds time limit to every turn (like Tetris), giving the base game an action game feel and increased difficulty. The player's efforts are scored higher in this mode than in the turn-based one. Also, CosCom 0.3 features a new mission, Asteroid Belt Chase, in which the player character must pursue a pirate in zero gravity asteroid field. Instead of normal movement the player controls Cosmic Commando's acceleration and must avoid smashing into asteroids at high speed while trying to catch up to their quarry.

Planned features

  • character customization
  • cover-based shooting mechanics


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