Dungeon Mercenary

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Dungeon Mercenary
Stable game
Developer smelC
Theme Traditional
Influences Brogue, Sil
Released Jan 19, 2016 ({{{relver}}})
Updated April 30, 2018 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Proprietary
P. Language Java
Platforms HTML5, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Interface Full color ASCII/Unicode
Game Length Approximately an half hour
Official site of Dungeon Mercenary

Dungeon Mercenary is a modern ASCII art roguelike with influences from brogue and Sil.

From brogue, it takes the runics system but extend it: you can put the (multiple) runics you find on armors/weapons/shields. This allows to "craft" your items. From Sil, it takes the combat versatility: you can wield two weapons if you're an offensive player, or wield a defensive blade (i.e. a weapon with a parry bonus) and a shield if you're a defensive player.

Dungeon Mercenary offers a wide variety of playstyles ("builds" in brogue's terms), from offensive warriors to defensive warriors, and from offensive mages, sneaking mages, and never-without-my-army-of-allies mages.

It features both entirely generated levels, and hand written levels. Generated levels may contain special areas, such as cemeteries, throne rooms, "red carpet" areas, choice treasure rooms, closing rooms, etc.

You can play with the mouse or the keyboard. It is available both as HTML5 (embedded in a browser) and as a desktop application (Windows, Mac, Linux). It is designed to work well on different screen sizes (use +/- to resize).


Dungeon Mercenary relies on two libraries:


Game is complete with 14 levels.


  • 1 minute of gameplay, playing a mage build, in an icy level; showing various monsters (bounty huntress, baby dragon, chaos dwarf handgunner, etc.): https://youtu.be/_Q_pWIJVRHw

Older videos:

More older videos:


dm-forest-awareness-anims.png dm-ice-level-blue-dragon-throw-telepathy.png dm-mud-colorblind-description-2.png dm-mud-inventory.png dm-paralyzed-windows.png lifedesc.png