Dungeon Monkey

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Dungeon Monkey
Developer Joseph Hewitt
Theme Dungeon crawl
Released 28 October 2003 (1.00)
Updated Not planned
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Free Pascal, SDL
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical tiles
Game Length
Official site of Dungeon Monkey

Dungeon Monkey was created by Joseph Hewitt in a week, in 2003. It was the first 7DRL written, and spawned the tradition.


As the author stated it :

"[Dungeon Monkey] is an experiment more than anything else. Maybe it's performance art. I wanted to see what kind of a roguelike game could be programmed in exactly one week. This is what I managed to create, such as it is."

Dungeon Monkey's dungeons are non-persistent. It has no healing over time — the only way to heal is to use fountains that are hidden on each level. These features make it closer to a band than to a hacklike.

The game contains 13 monsters, 10 weapon types and 10 armor types. Everything was coded in around ten hours.

Versions and platforms

The first (and last) version of Dungeon Monkey is v1.00, released on October 28, 2003. It is available for Windows, but the Free Pascal source code is included. It can be compiled on Linux with minor changes to source because of backward incompatibility with earlier Free Pascal versions. JEDI SDL is required to compile it.

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