Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos

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Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos
Developer Jason "Palandus" Roberts
Theme Fantasy
Influences Too many to list
Status Alpha
Released Sept 12, 2018
Updated July 30, 2022
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python, Libtcod
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Multiple hours
[Discord, Reddit Official site of Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos]

Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos, offers many unique twists on the classic roguelike formula. Instead of the typical dungeon layout with rooms and hallways, combat takes place in large open battlefields against multiple foes at once. Treasure, secrets and portals are scattered all over the map, and your vision is not blocked by solid walls but thick fog clouds you can pass through.. but not without risk! The game also offers a unique permadeath system, crafting and multiple disciplines to master.

Download Alpha Version 53H1


The developer is always seeking player feedback to help guide development. You can contact him directly by email or through one of the platforms listed below.

  • March 31, 2023 Update = For those that are unaware, V54 is still in active development. It is taking longer than anticipated, but rest assured I am still actively developing the game, and have been doing so since August 2022. V54 is a massive overhaul over many key systems, and it will likely make EOECOC feel like a completely brand new game and new experience. The five biggest changes in V54 are = Massive UI and Menu updates (ie you now finally have a cursor in the menus and can fully manipulate menus now with exclusively the keyboard or mouse), New Map Generation Techniques with unique maps for the Biomes, Improved AI, new AI movement paradigms (push/pull/teleport) and innovative challenges, Large optimization overpass on many key systems, and the first iteration of Elemental Allies and Turrets (with their own FOVs and AIs). If you wish to stay up to date, I post once a week on both my subreddit and discord (and sometimes a bit more often on the Discord). V54 will come eventually, just not sure when.


A great rift has appeared in the Solarii monarchy, spewing forth vile creatures. You enter the rift, where the laws of the material plane do not necessarily apply. You must close the rift, and escape, but is there really a way out? You'll just have to find out!

Main Map View

Current Features

  • Sandbox experience; pursue your own goals and victory conditions, and explore as much or as little as you want.
  • A unique map generation system, opting for large open areas, instead of the typical cramped dungeon floors.
  • "Walls" are actually fog clouds that block vision but not movement, allowing for unique tactical opportunities.
  • A ton of character build options with the ability to even win the game as a complete pacifist.
  • Four types of foes; Horde, Primal Chaos, Treasure Fiends and Bosses. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Four melee, ranged and spell techniques to master, each with their own elements that can be changed for different enemy debuff effects.
  • Unique "stress" based permadeath system, which allows players to learn from their mistakes and eventually succeed. Stress also activates stress mechanics.
  • You must serve as entertainment for the Chaos God. This effectively works like a "food clock", but without the annoyances of instant death when it runs out.
  • Chaos is accrued by various actions and only gets worse as you progress farther, building tension and unlocking challenging mechanics.
  • Many useful interactable objects. The most valuable are secret areas, which can be found by getting close or by following directions in the collectibles report.
  • Map Hazards, which are usually optional. These make maps more challenging and can work in synergy with other mechanics and hazards.
  • Salvaging; you can convert any item you do not need into useful crafting resources.
  • You can perform four forms of crafting; Alchemy (includes Light equipment), Smithing (Medium and Heavy Equipment), Enchanting (of Equipment and Profile), and Fabrication (of Epics and Artifacts).
  • Can craft a single item for extra bonuses, or batch craft multiple of the same item, in a single turn.
  • Profile system that allows you to achieve progression between playthroughs. Ensuring that even if you go insane, you'll still keep some progress that will help the next run.
  • Optional self-imposed restrictions. Completing them grants great rewards, but breaking a restriction punishes you severely.


Common Things
Symbol(s) Name Description
@ Player The character the player controls.
T Treasure Fiend A tricky nonhostile creature carrying precious loot.
A Crystallized Archer Victim of the Crystalline Harvester.
M Crystallized Mage Victim of the Crystalline Harvester.
F Crystallized Fighter Victim of the Crystalline Harvester.
^ Trap A leeching / concentrated / overcharge / fire trap.
! Secret A hidden object that could be of any type.
" Artifact Gives runic shards and enchanting orbs.
# Cache Gives various potions.
? Codex Gives training manuals or runic lexicons.
+ Foundry Gives runic toolkits.
& Strongbox Gives rare items.
~ Stockpile Gives low-quality items.
$ Shrine Restores all energies.
'' Symbol Activates powerful buffs.
- Well Fills elixirs and reduces stress.
* Primal Chaos portal Spawns primal chaos creatures.
> Translocation gate Takes you to next dungeon floor.
% Runestone Used as a respawn point and to refill runic elixirs.
Rarely Seen Things
Symbol Name Description
% Portal Orb Horde/Primal Chaos Portal; Destroy to close the Portal.
& Lesser/Greater Vault Trapped Treasury Portal; Step on to get a ton of great loot.
& Orb Finder Horde/Primal Chaos Portal; Find the location of the Portal Orb.
< Portal Gate In Portals; Use to Leave the Portal prematurely.
? Planar Locator Used to determine the floor of the Planar Tether.
? Planar Tether Nigh-invulnerable object. Destroy for Ultra Victory progress.
fgdc Horde Fighters (Blue) Weak melee unit.
hsar Horde Archers (Yellow) Weak ranged unit.
bnwp Horde Mages (Red) Weak spellcaster.
CQBS Primal Chaos Fighters (Green) Tough melee unit with several abilities.
IVEM Primal Chaos Archers (Orange) Tough ranged unit with several abilities.
ALOF Primal Chaos Mages (Purple) Tough spellcaster with several abilities.
@ Slithering Horror Melee Boss.
@ Crystalline Harvester Ranged Boss.
@ Brain Collector Spell Boss.