Escape From Lab 42

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Escape From Lab 42
Developer Rick Clark
Theme Horror, Realtime action
Influences Alphabit Rogue
Released 2009 (01)
Updated 2009 (02)
Licensing Open Source (GPL 3.0)
P. Language FreeBasic
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 30 min
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Escape From Lab 42 is a coffeebreak roguelike


Escape From Lab 42 is a Seven Day Roguelike written by Rick Clark for the 2009 7DRL programming challenge.

In Escape From Lab 42, you are the sole survivor of a virus outbreak that has turned everyone in a top secret government lab into zombies. While herding zombies into one of the testing facilities, you were bitten by a zombie, rushed to the medlab, injected with the anti-virus and put under sedation. When you woke up, you realized that you were the only one not a zombie.

When the outbreak occurred, the main computer system activated the self-destruct sequence leaving you only 30 minutes to escape the lab. To further complicate matters, each level elevator has been locked out, requiring you to find the access code before you can enter the elevator.


  • Real-time action.
  • Single keypress commands.
  • Unique two keypress targeting system.
  • Intelligent inventory system. Manage inventory with a single keypress.
  • 10 levels.
  • Time limit of 30 minutes of real time.

Versions and Platforms

EFL 42 is available in two versions. The 0.1 version is the 7DRL submitted version. The 0.2 version is the post challenge version that incorporates suggested changes by players.

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