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Developer flend
Theme scifi
Influences DoomRL, Hotline Miami, Gruesome
Status released
Released 17th March 2013
Licensing Free to download
P. Language C#, (with libtcod)
Platforms Windows / Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of FlatlineRL
FlatlineRL is a coffeebreak roguelike

FlatlineRL is a 7DRL written for the 7DRL Contest 2013 by flend. The game is a combat roguelike set on a space hulk defended by automated robot defenses.

The game features full-level sight, robots with regular patrols and a range of ranged and melee weapons. The game has a sound propagation system so firing a loud weapon may attract local robots and similarily sounds can be used to distract or mislead robots. Robots tend to have narrow FOVs so can be sneaked past.


I AM Sergeant Forbes and I WILL be your commanding officer for this mission. IS THAT Understood?

You WILL be piloting the X-31 Remote Exploration and Engagement Drone (R. E. E. D.) and you WILL be carrying out my orders TO THE LETTER. IS THAT Understood?

You WILL be boarding the Space Hulk designation OE1x1 and you WILL be tasked with shutting down the COMPUTER CORES controlling the SHIP SYSTEMS.

If the AUTOMATED DEFENSES get in your way you WILL have MY authorization to use ANY FORCE NECESSARY to get the job done. IS THAT Understood?

Well, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR soldier? You WILL be making your way to the R. E. E. D. control station and you WILL be interfacing with the Drone IMMEDIATELY! HUTT!


  • Enemies with fixed patrols
  • Sound and alert system