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Alpha Project
Developer chewymouse
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dwarf Fortress, Crawl
Released 2012
Updated n/a
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles
Game Length Open-Ended
Official site of Fortresslike

A game worked on on-and-off for three summers.


Inspired in some sense by Dwarf Fortress but with an attempt to make more structured gameplay and goals. God worship, city-building/house politics, and apocalypse-aversion are the three stages.


"The dwarves have slain the monsters inhabiting the tallest mountain and embedded deep within their fortress. After repeated efforts of refinement, they've managed to recreate the legendary ring Draupnir, which will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Unfortunately, such a powerful artifact drives the dwarves mad with avarice, and news of their wondrous creation attracts trouble. Other sentient races feel the draw of the artifact and organize and setup sieges. They build catapults, battering rams, and other things to penetrate the fortress and steal the ring. Meanwhile, the gods frown upon the recreation of such powerful items, and ponder the divine genocide of such a presumptuous race. . ."


Basic engine work is all done - all that's left is "only" content. Need to add events!

See the website for progress updates.