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Stable game
Developer Gibbon
Theme Fantasy
Influences Larn
Released 2017 (LamaNobe)
Updated 2021 December 15 (GNOME)
Licensing Apache 2.0
P. Language C++
Platforms UNIX, Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length Short
Official site of FreeLarn

FreeLarn was first released in 2017 by Gibbon.


FreeLarn was the culmination of over 2 years of work to rewrite Larn (12.4.4) sufficiently to re-license it under a free software license.

A few features which are unique to FreeLarn:

  • The Great Lance of Death is replaced with the Great Sword of Death (because a Lance isn't a very fearsome weapon).
  • Additions of a Prayer Book, a Ghani Statue, Candles and a Fire Tunic which each have their uses and to build upon the thin religious layer that wasn't developed in the original Larn (only altars, praying etc..).
  • The Volcano is replaced with the Temple of Larn (because nobody slips into a trap door under a Volcano)
  • The doors of the Temple of Larn will burn the player unless a Fire Tunic is equipped.
  • Randomized mazes each time a player leaves and re-enters a level.
  • Known mazes will become unknown upon loading a saved game (for difficulty and to prevent cheating).
  • Hunger has been added to increase realism and difficulty but without irritating the player too much.

Platforms and versions

FreeLarn runs on most UNIX/UNIX-Like systems and on Windows. The game is architecture independent and can be compiled on ARM, x86 and x64, MIPS, PPC etc...

As of June 12 2019 FreeLarn is now C++11 (from C++17).