Golem: A Self-Made Person!

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Golem: A Self-Made Person!
Alpha Project
Developer Mieli "SurrealPartisan" Luukinen
Theme Fantasy, anachronistic
Influences IVAN, Nethack, UnReal World, Pathfinder/Starfinder RPG, Munchkin
Released September 27th 2023 (Alpha 1)
Updated January 6th 2024 (Alpha 2)
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Golem: A Self-Made Person!

Golem: A Self-Made Person! is a traditional roguelike with a twist. In it, you slay enemies and incorporate their parts to your own body.


  • Ten-level dungeon
  • 13 types of enemies
  • Modular bodies with up to 18 limbs, organs and parts
  • Five types of weapons with different special properties, made of 54 different materials
  • Pieces of armor for seven types of body parts, also made of 54 materials
  • Many other wearable items
  • Diverse environments with dangers and tactical opportunities
  • Randomly generated gods with unpronounceable names
  • Configurable keybindings
  • Selection of five different fonts