Grendel's Mother

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Grendel's Mother
Alpha Project
Developer elig
Theme Literature
Influences Crawl
Released 23 Sep 2009
Updated 23 Sep 2009
Licensing LGPLv3
P. Language C
Platforms Windows,Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length Full game
Official site of Grendel's Mother


Grendel's Mother is a game based on the old English epic Beowulf. Specifically, the player plays the role of Beowulf hunting Grendel's Mother by diving through Grendel's lake. The game's only story comes in the form of quotes from Beowulf. There are 8 levels, the goal is to reach the bottom and kill Grendel's Mother.

The game was made as an attempt at a 1/2KBRL by elig, but was too large to be called such. Still, it ended up being 4.4KB which qualifies as a <5KBRL. The game was also made in 7 and a half hours, making it a <8HRL.